Saturday, February 26, 2011

Start Posting Your March Wish List Here

Ok HOs!!  (for you newbies, that stands for Hoarders/collectors - not sluts - although I can't personally speak for everyone here :-))!!  It is time to start posting your wish lists for March!  Post in the comments of this post so I can keep them all together.  Give us 3-5 wishes of handmade items. If you haven't participated, see the first post of this blog for ideas and the rules/instructions.

Sign ups will close at 5 pm Thursday, March 3rd (include your wish list) and you have until 5 pm Friday, March 4th to tell me who you want to create for (send me at least 3 names).  If you participated in round 1, your partner must have received her box before you can participate in round 2.  If you have not participated, please email me your mailing address (  You do not have to wait for everyone to post their wish lists to email me your list.  Remember that this is a surprise so your sister won't know who you are until she receives your package.



Whoo-hoo!! I can't wait!!! Okay, my wishes....
1. handmade stickpins!!! :o)
2. Tilda images!! Especially any of the newer collections, but I'm good with anything!!!!
3. Swap organizer
4. Altered anything!!! My room, when it's finally done, will be in pinks, greens, and blues, very shabby chic!!!
Can't wait to see what I'm going to make for someone special!!!!!


Oh I forgot... Tammy, do you still have my address??


I sure do Teri!! It is posted on my bulletin board right in front of my face!!


LOL on the stickpins Teri!! I'm itching to pull out my beads and make some more!!


Yay!!! So glad I was able to join you guys in Happy Mail. I was only able to do one round of GIBBS before you guys came over here.

Tammy - just FYI, so you can add it to the side of the blog. My birthday is March 13

1. Wall Decor - Scrapbooking related. The walls in my scrapbook room is pink. The accent colors are white, bright blue and bright green. I have an owl theme.

2. Wall Decor - Seasonal - I want to have something on the door of my scrapbooking room for every season/holiday. I still have my 'Snow' banner up that LisaG made for me in the last GIBBS round. It is time to take it down, but I dont have anything else to put up there.

3. Altered Swap Book - I would like one small enough to keep in my tool bag. My Favorite Color is Pink.

4. I want to start something similar to Daph's Letter thing for her friends that she has on her wall. We brain stormed and came up with the Idea of having my friends make 6x6 layout to hang on my wall. Please mount the layout to chipboard or something similar. It would be an "About Me" layout. So whatever your style is and include a picture. Also a little about yourself.

Jen Young

My wishes for the month:
1. Stick Pins preferrably made with teals, pinks, and browns
2. Mini album at least 6x6 titled Weekend Getaway
3. A cricut Expression Cover (teals and browns, or just teals! :))
4. Birthday and Sympathy Cards
5. Altered wooden box at least 6 inches squared with a lid- in teals and browns.


My wishes this month:

1. Spring Banner
2. Charms/Stick Pins
3. Wall and Room Decor for my craft room in Vintage Paris - (think Graphic 45 paper - room colors hopefully will be muted pinks/reds, black, ivory, blues)
4. Cuts/stickers/etc. for my ancestry album
5. The Domestic Goddess Box Laura just finished :-)
6. Nestie Cuts (I have labels 1 and 4, scallop circle large and scallop oval large


LOL thanks Tammy-- I did buy a couple wood boxes to alter for swaps yesterday when I went to HL. I'm dying to do a pink girly one now.

1. stick pins--no bright colors. I like pinks, earthy tones, black, and pearls
2. I would love some lace trims.. not sure if that qualifies or not altered tin that is shabby chic or vintage.. I want to be able to fill it with cards
4. fabric flowers or grunge paper flowers
5. something (maybe wood--doesn't have to be...) that is altered to match my craft room to hold pens, tools, etc


oh-- i do have more domestic goddess papers.... you never know..tammy... hint hint. lol


I'm itching to do a girlie colored project,
? for you all that are wanting swap organizer... what is included in one? Do you have a link or pic?


Tammy ok.. im in this round.
five things...
1. PEARLS - my M's clearanced them all and cant find them anywhere now.
2. items from your stash you thought you would alter but never did. :)
3. Altered addy book... with your addy inside. ( and maybe any of the other gals addy's too. I cant seem to keep up with this kind of stuff )
4. Want to get in on this stick pin trend. ;)
5. anything goes. Come on.. your creative, make it happen Im sure to love it.


Sign me up! Want to make something good for someone special!

1. Altered Magnets
2. Embellished Paperclips
3. Handmade Flowers
4. Banner - "Create"
5. An Addy Book


Laura - most of the swap organizers I've seen are an altered notebook, maybe with a pocket on the inside front and back covers.


Ok thanks Tammi.. I was wondering...


I would love to participate, but I haven't mailed last months yet due the crap that I am dealing with here at home! So in all fairness and stress reduction for me! I am going to sit out this round! I hope to have my life back to some kind of normalcy next round!


Well Daphne.. we have all been through tough times at one point or another in our life. I understand it makes it hard to do the "xtra" things. I hope things get calmed down for you and you can start enjoying life again.


Okay I want to join in this round.

1. ATC's
2. Cards
3. the fabric flowers
4. ANYTHING GOES. I am not particular.


I'll do this round too!!

1. Wall clock (purple/butterflies)
2. Wall Decor (butterflies, scrap related) my walls are lavender and furniture is white
3. ATCs
4. Stick pins (no girlie colors)
5. Spring banner

I for the clock and the decor girlie it up all you want please!!!


If you have not sent me 3 people you want to craft for, please do so by 5 pm tomorrow or I will assign a person for you. If you do send a list, please do not request Tracy as there are already too many requests for her.


My wishes:

1. charms - soft colors or neutrals
2. stick pins - soft colors or neutrals
3. Anything altered to display in pink, grey, black and white to coordinate with scrap room
4. Copic friendly images
6. Suprise me

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