Thursday, February 10, 2011


Whoo-hooo my fellow Gibbers!!! I do believe I'm back on track!!! I have missed you all so very much, felt like I haven't talked to my sisters in ages!!! Lots has gone on, I'm sure, I'll need to catch up!!! Love this idea!!! Okay, a little update on me... I am feeling much better since my Dad passed away, it still hurts, but I've become more accepting, which was a huge deal.... and for the first time, I dreamt about him the other night, it was wonderful, it was like he was still here, but did "tell" me he was okay! I think it was what I really needed... sorry if it sounds corny... the other big thing happening is that my oldest sister was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer and has just started chemo last Friday... it was a shock, she had been feeling lousy for a few months, and then the pain got so bad she had to go. It's a good thing we all go to the same doctor, he didn't wait, just got her in right away for CAT scans and ultrasounds and she was in the hospital that day! I guess it's pretty rare, the type she has, but they sound optimistic, except for the part where it usually reoccurs in the following year... bummer, but we have done this before and we'll get through it together.... this is the fourth one out of six kids that has had or has cancer... I'm not one of them, but it sure does make you crazy thinking about it.....
Anyways, if you've read through this far, thanks for listening! I've been working on a few projects and am soooo glad to have my mojo back!!!!!
Tammy, my birthday is July 17, I have no idea how to add it!! LOL!!
Hey, maybe I'll even hop on Skype soon, are we still the same name???
Hugs to everyone~!!!!



We have missed you soooooo much Teri! It is so good to see you again and glad you joined our blog!! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts!!


Oh Teri! I miss you friend! I pulled out the card you sent me from my first swap the other day - been stalking your blog too! Some really cute projects (as always)

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