Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to Sign up for June Happy Mail!

It's time to sign up for June Happy Mail!!  Signups will close on Saturday, June 4th at 12 noon and I will post partners that evening.  Please post your wish list in the comments of this post so that we can find them.  To participate in this round, you must have mailed your last round to your partner.

See the link below for the rules:

Ok, let's start posting some wishes!!!



OK, Finally, I'm in again (am I alone - LOL). Is this where I post, Tammy?

My wishes would be:
embellished stickpins
altered anything - shabby shic, steampunk, craft room is pastel pink & green
The first letter of your name - altered (like Daph has in her room)
copic friendly images - love any
tiny handmade material flowers

WOO-HOO excited to join in again - finally!


Yes, post your wishes here!!


WAIT - just thinking - this is just a list for someone to pick from - not asking for everything, right??? Don't want to be greedy - tee-hee


well now that I know how the game is played I'm definitely ready!! LOL!!

1. shabby chic mini
2. small beaded charms to hang on albums
3. images to color (copic friendly ink and no tildas please)
4. altered pencil box (shabby chic/vintage/steampunk)
5. Altered wallet size photo frame(s)


My wish list:
1. Masculine birthday card fronts
2. Wall Decor for my new scraproom
3. Cuts/stamped or embossed images from TH 2011 Dies/Stamps/Embossing folders
4. Handmade flowers
5. Handmade embellishments
6. Surprise me!


so tammy, are signups closed? should I send you my two names of who I would like to create for or do you want to guess? lol!

Where is everyone?????


LOL Denni ... as it is, either way I get a good partner!

I agree - where is everyone?


I know a lot more people planned to join this month. Guess I'm gonna have to extend sign ups a couple more days. You have until 5 pm Monday guys!

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Okay ladies - I am here =)
1. small handmade flowers - any material
2. Wall decor for craft room - colors are white, light pink, light grey and black
3. handmade embellishments
4. charms (not too chunky)
5. copic friendly stamped images
6. Altered box (any size)
7. Suprise me


Lisa Gorlewski is having trouble with posting comments so here is her wish list:

1. Sign for craft room door.
2. Note cards
3. First letter of your first name
4. Pin cushion
5. Surprise me


Jen is also having problems posting comments, seems to be a blogger thing so here are her wishes:

Jen's wishes:
1. The mini Tammy made Kimi
2. A spellbinders book that Denni made for Tammy
3. A cute butterfly mobile like Denni made for Lisa G
4. A pin cushion like Cammi made for Laurie
5. the adorable box kimi made for Denni


Wow what is up with Blogger?? Gayle is also having trouble posting so here are her wishes:

Gayle's Wishes:

I’m easy and would really love anything anyone makes for me....

Working on getting my craft room in order and would like some decorations to hang up.
Of course, you know I love the handmade flowers.
Those darling stick pins or other embellishments
Just anything my partner wants to do.


trying to see if i can post. grrr!


folks it has something to do with internet explorer. i haven't been able to post for awhile and just downloaded firefox. works perfect!


so? is it too late to sign up? i mailed today. dc is 0310 2010 0000 2219 1187. Ü


Yes Tracy you can sign up this month - as long as you have shipped before i do partners which will be tomorrow.


My wishes are:

1. An altered tray to hold works in progress

2. A picture frame pincushion (like the one Tammy made for Peachy)

3. Refrigerator Magnets with Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers


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