Monday, March 21, 2011

and Happy Mail it was indeed !!! =}

Who knew that arriving home to find a package from a 'secret' sender could bring so much joy ? ! ? !
Ladies... really ... talk about unexpected.  I received a huge box and honestly thought it was for Bryan when I drove up.  He is always getting packages.   Then I opened the front door and there it was in black and white !!!      it was FOR MEEEEEE!!!!!! 

I opened the box to find not one, not two but four paper houses begging to be glittered!!! 4 !!!!! 
Christmas is soooo going to be good this year !
could not fit all four in decent photo.  :)  but it was two large and two small.   Thanks Cammi!!

Cammi made me a sweet card for my Bday  :) 
Tammy its like yours so I can think happy thoughts again ;)  hee hee, 

Some pins! some AMAZING pins with glass flowers, just wait till you see the pic!

A drum roll IS necessary here ........... A CAMMI CLOCK WITH G45!!!

Girls it was storming yesterday and today so my pictures are not the best. This clock is amazing in person!!!!
My scrap room is a deep celery green and this clock is fab in it ! 

nope its not over......wipe your drool.....and we can carry on..... LOL!
She made me an  Address Book with G45 !!!
Just maybe Ill finally be able to keep up with you all.

Front cover...

Inside of the front cover, and a place for my stamps !

Inside pages all made by Cammi including the tabs....

and the inside back cover.... its all so pretty !!! i could not omit anything  :)

YES mam' a little something else....
some pearl pens ! in black white and iridescent pearl !!!!
I soo can not wait to play with these!! never seen them before. 

Cammi girl ~
you have made this midlife waiting to happen oh so very happy !!!!

There just are not enough letters in ' THANK YOU ' to really express my joy.  Everything is sooo wonderful!

Yes I am sooooo spoiled !!!  eat your heart out and tell me about it later... LOL !  



comments not necessary..... because no dibbs! its my birthday and the older i get... the more I have discovered... i dont share well with others. LOL


Oh Kimi....I am so happy that you liked it all! When you asked for things to alter - I knew I had found a home for all my houses =) You are gonna love the pearl pens!


Oh and I think the address book was sent to you by mistake-- I'm pretty sure Cammi meant to send that to me... Kindly forward that one on Kimi-- it's what Cammi would want you to do. Thanks :)


Oh Kimi, I can't wait to see photos of all the goodies!
Is that the clock and notebook on your blog Cammi??
So glad you got some great goodies Kimi!! Enjoy!!


Tap tap tap!!! Waiting to see those pics Kimi!!!

P.G. Lamb

Where are the pics Kimi? Stop teasing us!


I know gals im terrible. I forgot that this week was scheduled for one of our Disaster Recovery exercies as the office...and I pretty much live there. Ill be home Saturday for some much needed rest! and will post pics! Got home last night or rather this morning around 3 AM for my husband to pick up the flashlight and escort me outside. ???? sweet thing. He had purchased me 7 rose bushes for my birthday and planted them and I could not come home to see them at a decent hour. I love him soooo much!


Kimi that is sooo sweet - you got a good one girl! Yes Daph the clock and address book are the ones from my blog post

Have a good night all!


Love this... all of it... great stuff Kimi!! Cammi did a great job as always

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